Lebonah Architects

Architectural Services

Lebonah Architects, the inventive architectural service provider in Tamil Nadu, focuses on providing secure and innovative residential and commercial solutions. We have the experience of working with unique expectations across the state. Our team of architectural experts works closely with the client to understand their expectations and design their dream. We began by comprehending the consumer’s vision for their homes. Our proficiency in the segment allows us to handle the distinctive and essential needs of every family member. We believe that it is vital to incorporate the wishes and fantasies of all stakeholders.
We gather this information through series of personal interviews and discussions. Our team then collates the data and brainstorms to develop an ideal plan that would comprise these elements. We formulate a concept that would unify the different requirements and represent the ethos of the family. Once the design is accepted, we progress to the design phase.

This is a critical step as it bridges the gap between the vision and reality. Our team would develop the schematic plan to aid the clients to visual their dream homes or commercial spaces. In addition to the basic schematic design, our team provides all the necessary drawings to fulfil the expectations of all stakeholders. We create a 3D drawing to render a realistic structure to the project. Our structural engineers will develop the structural drawings for the project. We also develop supplementary drawings that are pivotal in constructing the house. This is inclusive of site work drawings such as electrical, plumbing, joinery and brickwork drawings.

Lebonah Architects have an extensive vendor network that enables them to source the materials at competitive prices. Our project manager would oversee the execution phase and provide periodic updates the clients. We have a dedicated team to manage every individual aspect of the product. We strongly believe that every intricate detail plays a pivotal role in determining the success of the outcome. Our service portfolio is inclusive of, but not limited to following

Individual Bungalows

Low Rise Apartments

Low Rise Commercial Complexes

Religious Buildings

Institutional Building

Single Family Dwelling

Additionally, we also focus on renovation and extension services. Our team would thoroughly inspect the land and check its feasibility. We test the region and take all actions to warrant its stability. Lebonah Architects envisions that all buildings should withstand the test of time. We take all suitable measures to warrant that these structures are resistant to natural and man-made disturbances. We have had the possibility to work with unique soil types and locations. This has helped us to enrich our expertise in the segment. We never settle and always strive for excellence. Call us today to know more about our services.