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The real estate and property market has always been a lucrative segment in recent days. The increase in the per capita income motivates consumers to opt for this secure and steady investment plan. Though these are an expensive undertaking, the market has proved to be quite favourable despite various turbulences. This is an extensive sector where customers are unique and distinctive. The consumer profile and needs are different, yet they are on the lookout for a stable, secure, and authentic service provider. Our company was conceptualized with the vision to provide quality solutions at competitive prices. Lebonah Architects, the leading and reliable architectural firm in Tamil Nadu, specializes in fulfilling the residential needs of consumers.

Founded by Ms. Lydia Sambath, the company has been a frontrunner and pioneer in the residential housing segment. With over 16 years of expertise, we have the strategic advantage of understanding and delivering the client’s dreams. Lebonah means frankincense, which is an aromatic and medicinal substance. As the name indicates, we envision to uplift and upgrade our consumers' investment and home needs. We do not believe in churning out structures and building with no emotional and aesthetic essence. On the contrary, we strongly envision and strive to comprehend and replicate the customer’s vision. We have a systematic protocol that enables us to work on our service excellence consistently.
Our team of hand-picked resources works in synchrony with our brand vision to deliver exemplary results. We understand the challenges in the segment and take proactive action to handle them. Lebonah Architects believe in being prepared rather than taking chances. We comprehend the uncertainty in the market scenario and tend to take appropriate measures to deliver the project on time. One of the notable aspects of our services is that we complete the residential projects within the proposed budget. We are genuine in our approach and provide periodic updates to our clients. Our service profile is inclusive of residential, interior design, and commercial buildings. Lebonah Architect works on both turnkey and individual projects. We have done extensive work in Chennai, Tirunelveli, and Tuticorin districts.








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We always set a realistic target and strive to fulfil it for our consumers. We extend our services to residences, bungalows, offices, retail outlets, schools, and colleges. Call us today to know more about our services.